Thomas Fox

 How To Live With Monsters

Our First Literacy Project Coming To Life, Will Be A Children’s Book Co-Written By Myself and Thomas Fox, Titled How To Live With Monsters.

A Beautifully Illustrated Story, Based Around Mental Health Through The Written Word And By Image, Dedicated To Those Of A Younger Generation.

You Can Read Thomas’s Own Story In Regard To His Mental Health On Our streetlifepeople Instagram Page, The Inspiration Behind Our Book Together.

Proceeds From The Sale Of The Book Will Benefit Both Thomas And His Future, And Will Also Be Used To Sustain And Fund Further SLP Creative Arts Projects too.

Thomas is a keen photographer and is diagnosed with Psychosis and OCD …

When I first met Thomas in the summer, he asked me to document his story, and told me then he had been looking for someone for a while to do this for him, while at the same time to raise awareness on mental health from a young male person’s perspective.

It was and is still my privilege to do so. We are now working together under our Street Life People Creative Arts Collective, and are bringing Thomas’s story to life by co writing a children’s book, titled How To Live With Monsters.
A beautifully illustrated story, based around mental health through the written word and by inspirational images.

We hope to push boundaries and leave a lasting legacy by taking pioneering real life experiences into the realms of mental health awareness, as the book will be dedicated to those of a younger generation.

For Thomas OCD means him having set rituals, for example having difficulty within the home, perhaps moving between one particular room to the next, because he has a certain pattern of behaviour to follow, such as taking the correct number of footsteps, touching objects and not stepping on the doorframe etc. This can be both time consuming and exhausting.

Psychosis for Thomas can be in the form of Hallucinations, which can be auditory, visual and olfactory.
Visually Thomas sometimes sees imaginary characters, olfactory can be experiencing random smells, such as tomato soup.

Our book will also feature some of the characters Thomas can visualise, such as the purple monster and the rag doll in the garden.

Our book How To Live With Monsters will then be taken into primary schools, as a learning tool in Creative Writing Workshops, to teach and find other young authors whilst at the same time raising awareness on mental health. A lasting legacy ripple effect for thousands of other children in the future.