The Silence of Suicide

Year Long Research Project..

My name is Tuesday and I am Creative Director and CEO at Street Life People Group …

My vision as a photojournalist is profiling a multimedia network which invests in lives, and through dedicated impact journalism projects creates a more modern approach to mental health and to suicide prevention and research.

I am also a woman whose inner wounds have become wisdom and by sharing my experiences can now I hope help change the trajectories in the lives of so many others.

I want to research a year long project titled THE SILENCE OF SUICIDE and write as a ghost writer using powerful photographic imagery to understand the root causes behind suicide. Root causes can be mental health, childhood trauma, debt, isolation, addictions, stress, homelessness etc … 

We normally as a society examine suicide after death, I want to explore the moments and minutes before and from an understanding not just from a psychiatrist’s tick box point of a view or a coroner’s office report, but in the psyche of the persons perspective and from on the frontline …

By researching this fragile and often taboo subject I hope to highlight important windows of opportunity for prevention, my ultimate wish is to build a National Centre Dedicated to Suicide Prevention & Research and to develop intellectual properties which have the potential to save thousands of lives globally in the future.

The work is hoped to include collated data for medical research, a high-profile impact photographic exhibition, a film documentary and a book dedicated to all those who tragically lost their lives.

I will also be continuing to attend conferences and health summits to raise vital awareness.  My website direct link is below, should you wish to consider my recent portfolio.

I am looking for supportive resources and funding to achieve the above and would welcome your input and help towards doing so, it is a journey we can take together to make a difference both here in the UK and worldwide too. My direct email is for reply reference.

Kind regards, Tuesday