Sam Chaplin

Sam … Bereaved at 17 x

Sam was a young carer for his mum Romila, from a tender age, as she had epilepsy.

Sadly Romila passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack when Sam was 17 and in his college years.

Sam told me he came home from college on the day of her passing to find police cars and ambulances outside his home, and knew from that moment his life had changed.

Sam still vividly remembers seeing the piece of paper laying on the kitchen table saying unexplained death. He also still remembers the exact time he came home 11.33am.
Those memories are still very fresh in his mind today, and I know they brought a tear to both of our eyes as we talked.

Although Sam now lives his life without Romila, he told me “ He’s still trying to impress her with the things he does every day, like what smart outfit he chooses to wear for work in the mornings “.

She’s always there with me in spirit he says, and finds this comforting.
Sam showed me a photograph of Romila, which he keeps in his wallet.
She was a beautiful woman, and I know she would have been very proud of her son today.

Sam wanted to take me back to his childhood home, and that’s where Sams photo was taken at his request. This is the first time Sam has been back there since Romila passed away, and it was my privilege to go back there with him today, and to support him.

Thank you kindly also to the now new residents of the house, who allowed us to photograph there too.

A really special young man, who I intend to look out for in life moving forward, as I’m sure Romila would have wanted me to.
Always my friend x
Sam is on Instagram too on @instamansam and also has a YouTube channel SamChaplinify.
Supporting bereaved children and young people.