Our Street Life People CIC

Our Street Life People CIC is our own community interest company which supports our Creative Arts Collective and our Apprenticeship programmes, all dedicated to those raw talented younger generational members, regardless of any diagnosis …

Our SLP Creative Arts Collective program is now operational, and hopes to support the raw talent of up and coming artists, musicians, writers and photographers.

This will incorporate published literacy, art and photography exhibitions, and support through the music industry.
In year one, all our categories are now full. This will then evolve to two from each category in year two, three in year three etc …

Our pioneering book How To Live With Monsters is in the process of being co written with Thomas Fox, and will then be taken into primary schools and book shops as a learning tool in creative writing workshops and to raise awareness on mental health, a lasting legacy ripple effect for thousands of children now and in the future.

We have just taken on some really creative inspirational younger generation volunteers too, to implement growth across all social media platforms, and to add a whole new dimension to the project.