Mental Health In Children & Young Adults

Jasmine is my PA and has started on a business administration apprenticeship with me, she is also a talented artist and a young lady who has already in her young life suffered so much trauma …
At the tender age of 11, Jasmine lost her dad aged 40 to a blood clot induced heart attack, which triggered in her PTSD. Having been called to her primary school office, Jasmine vividly remembers walking across the playground courtyard thinking she was in trouble, only to find her older sister crying and to hear the news dad had gone. No time to say goodbye to him, and the shock of loosing him so suddenly having hoped he was getting better and moving to a closer hospital …
Jasmine has also endured heartless bullying in later years at high school, which developed existing trauma into anxiety and depression. Lacking confidence, she has found it difficult finding mainstream employment, and I remember the day I first met Jasmine, she was visibly a young lady at 19 raw with emotion and not recognising in herself her incredible talent …
I took her on the project as our artist in residence wanting her to flourish. On one of her first days, she asked me whether she could keep her vibrant pink coloured hair being my PA, my answer was an emotional heartfelt YES …
Working with me at Street Life People Group, before my eyes I now see a young woman transitioning, and as the lyrics in the Bette Midler song The Rose, ‘In the winter far beneath the bitter snows, lies the seed that with the suns love in the spring becomes the rose’ …. xx
Supporting bereaved children and young people

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Working To Highlight The Importance Of Mental Health In Children & Young People

My vision as a Creative Director and Photojournalist is simple…

To create a multimedia network that invests in lives, gives a voice to everyday people, one that ultimately raises awareness through creative corporate campaigns, and in turn through dedicated research pioneers a whole new approach to modern mental health and suicide prevention.

This comes to the forefront during dedicated weeks such as Children’s Mental Health week, and we will be continuing such posts throughout the whole month of February. As a frontline photojournalist I have worked with over 500 people so far, and have seen so much trauma, pain and desperation.

I have worked with young homeless kids destitute wanting to throw themselves in the nearest river, set up a creative arts collective for children and young adults who have already faced trauma and adversity, taken the time to get know young people that struggle with mental health, anxiety, OCD, depression, PSTD and also bereaved teenagers left behind to face the world alone.

I have sadly witnessed attempted suicide with emergency services, young adults desperate for mental health support and compassion.

Suicide rates among people aged under 25 years have increased in recent years, particularly in the case of 10 to 24 year old females.

Suicide rates SHOULD NOT be going up year on year, when we have the ability globally to change this. Using my personal experiences, determination and creative abilities I see my role as an important one in changing the trajectories in the lives of younger generational members.

The children and young adults may forget what I’ve said to them or written, but I hope they never forget how we inspired them to find their passion for life again, and more importantly how we made them feel and to NEVER EVER give up …