Jasmine Hill

Jasmine … Its The Climb x

Jasmine our Creative Arts Collective Artist in Residence, is an amazing young woman.

At the age of 19 she has already faced and bravely overcome trauma and battled life’s many challenges. This is her story.

When I first met Jasmine, I remember seeing her fantastic riot of rainbow pink coloured hair, body piercings, and very nervous smile.

A couple of hours later I had not only taken on a very talented artist on the project, but I then understood her initial apprehension.

Jasmine very sadly lost her dad at the age of 11, when he died from a brain tumour, leaving Jasmine with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The trauma of loosing a parent at such a young age left Jasmine absolutely devastated and feeling overwhelmed and alone.

Jasmine was then bullied in High School after making a brave decision to express to her peers her sexuality, coming out as Bisexual to friends and family.
The emotional impact of others within her year group not understanding left Jasmine feeling again very isolated experiencing Anxiety and Depression.

Jasmine has a passion for Art & Design and will be overseeing our creative therapy street graffiti project.

To date she hasn’t managed to secure employment in the mainstream workplace, despite sending hundreds of CVs. Jasmine believes this is due to the individuality of her art, as depending on her mental health and how she’s feeling on any given day, that will reflect in her style of art She doesn’t have any particular genre.

Here at SLP we welcome that raw talent, individuality and freedom of expression through the creative arts. Inspiration equals innovation.

There will always be some kind of mountain in life, some challenges to rise to, happy and sad experiences for us all to deal with, and its not how fast you overcome them, or in what way you personally choose to do so, its not even important what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb and the journey thats important.

When as creative as Jasmine clearly is, why follow the flock of birds anyway, when you can be an amazing vibrant pink flamingo x

www.thetrevorproject.org (A National 24 hour, confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ Youth)