Elliott Vale

I am really happy to introduce our 2nd Patron here at Street Life People, Elliott Vale Local Businessman and General Manager at OAKhouse Bar Cafe Maldon.

Elliott fully supports our project and working ethos to raise awareness on issues such as mental health, domestic abuse and homelessness, whilst pushing boundaries in photojournalism.

Elliott is particularly passionate about our Footprints Legacy, which through SLP fundraising and private business donation, hopes to support some of those we have met on our creative journey.

Elliott will be on our SLP panel, which will personally select each year those to support that have really touched our hearts here at Street Life People, leaving a special mark with us akin to a footprint in the sand.

Elliott and assistant manager Brandon are also supporting us and hosting our first Street Life People Christmas Party business event on 18th December 2019. Proceeds from ticket sales will be split between our Creative Arts Collective and our Footprints Legacy projects.

Tickets are limited to personal invitation only, so please contact us for further details on how to reserve streetlifepeople@yahoo.com

OAKhouse Bar Cafe is the social heart of Maldon High Street, a chameleon style venue, where you can either pop in for coffee in the morning or to have a cocktail by night, it really is the place to hang out. OAKhouse is also available for private hire, should you wish to have your own celebration here too.