Dan Basham

Dan … Our Creative Arts Collective Patron x

I am really happy to introduce Dan Basham of Point Graphics, our third local businessman and patron here at Street Life People.

Dan is a graphic designer by profession and also a talented photographer in his own right.

Dan has a particular interest and passion for our Creative Arts Collective, and will oversee our selection process on the panel with myself and the SLP team.
(Take the streetlifepeople.com website direct link above for more information).

Our Creative Arts Collective hopes to support the raw talent of up and coming artists, writers, musicians and photographers, who have perhaps themselves experienced one or any number of our working ethos topics.

Our first literacy project coming to life, will be a children’s book, co written by myself and Thomas Fox, titled How To Live With Monsters.

Our book will then be taken into primary schools, as a learning tool in Creative Writing Workshops, to teach and find other young authors whilst at the same time raising awareness on mental health.
A lasting legacy ripple effect for thousands of other children in the future.

I have a fantastic working partnership with Dan, and he has fully supported our project from it’s very beginning.

Dan is also partial to a donut or two, so if I place him on a tight deadline turnaround, a sticky bun usually over rides the cheek of me asking such a thing !!!

We had great fun today together on the photo shoot, despite the miserable weather, thanks for taking up the tree challenge Dan, but you do oversee our creative category !!!

Point Graphics Ltd, are a local business that specialise in design, print and publishing.

Dan and Point Graphics also kindly support us with the design of our stationery, marketing, and will be publishing our books on mental health awareness in 2020.

Welcome to the SLP team Dan.

Always my friend x