Creative Arts Collective

Our SLP Creative Arts Collective, will continue our working ethos here at Street Life People, which is to give a voice to everyday peoples stories through photography and journalism, while raising awareness on issues such as mental health, domestic abuse and homelessness.

Through business fundraising events (See our sub pages SLP Business Alliance Group and Fundraising/Events), the SLP Creative Arts Collective hopes to support the raw up and coming talents of writers, artists, musicians and photographers, who perhaps themselves have had experience of any number of the above in their own lives.

Myself and the team here at Street Life People will be selecting one chosen project every year, from each of our chosen categories within the SLP Creative Arts Collective. Our categories are Art, Music, Literacy and Photography.

Our first literacy project coming to life, will be a children’s book co written by myself and Thomas Fox, titled How To Live With Monsters.

A beautifully illustrated story, based around mental health through the written word and by image, dedicated to those of a younger generation.

You can read Thomas’s own story in regard to his mental health on our streetlifepeople instagram page, the inspiration behind our book together.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit both Thomas and his future, and will also be used to sustain and fund further SLP Creative Arts projects too.

Our book How To Live With Monsters will then be taken into primary schools as a learning tool in Creative Writing Workshops, to teach and find other young authors whilst at the same time raising awareness on mental health. A lasting legacy ripple effect for thousands of other children in the future.