STREET LIFE PEOPLE incorporates our SLP Business Alliance Group and Working in Partnership Programmes, The Edit photojournalism submission sponsorships on our multi media broadcasting for mental health and our funded medical research into suicide prevention, and photojournalism campaigns.

With corporate investment we aim to also develop national centres dedicated for those who have attempted suicide, and to support families and friends of those that sadly have not survived and emergency crews, train drivers etc who have been affected by trauma too.

Modern mental health needs a modern approach to make a difference.

Our Street Life People CIC, our community interest company is dedicated to the local community and will support all our Creative Arts Collective projects, books, music, art and photography exhibitions for those locally affected with mental health, and supprts our younger generational apprenticeships.

Pushing boundaries in photojournalism, researching, editing and publishing real life stories with raw emotion and unfiltered.
SLP THE EDIT is dedicated to raising awareness on core subjects within society such as mental health and suicide prevention.

Working on the front line we are determined to give a voice to everyday people through our own unique innovative broadcasting media platforms, a multi media stream solely for mental health …

We aim to make huge changes and create impact in modern day mental health using photojournalism research as a unique medium and to make a difference in the UK, Europe and Worldwide moving forward.

We have a particular interest in the field of mental health, its cause and effect, and will be undertaking pioneering research and bringing groundbreaking projects to the fore front of modern day mental health …

Our suicide prevention awareness research programme is A WALK IN MY SHOES, and will feature in depth photojournalism research and data. Our aim is to interview 1000 people over the course of the next year, to gain vital insight into attempted suicide and to talk with survivors, and friends and families of those sadly who did not.

Our Footprints Legacy will then in turn bring to the forefront pioneering suicide prevention and awareness programmes through photojournalism campaigns and other pioneering intellectual property investments …

Our SLP Business Alliance Group is evolving and ever growing in number inclusive of our working in partnership programme.
We are in the process of designing and bringing to life our SLP Marketing Strategy campaign too for private/business investment to enable all of the above.

We are very proud to say too, we have already worked with over 400 people so far through photojournalism projects in our first year, and this number will only continue upwards given the mental health epidemic in the UK and rising statistics …

We are a board member Of Maldon Livewell Partnership Board, and represent Mental Health in our community, as well as already working together will all three emergency services and a network of other charities.
Our aim is to use our SLP model as a national blueprint too.

Visit and you are able to follow, and browse our gallery of photographic images and read the stories behind every single photo, some hard hitting, some happy, some sad, some poignant, others uplifting, others inspiring, all real life …

Our Street Life People CIC, our community interest company supports as our Creative Arts Collective, Apprenticeship programmes, Charity Collaborations and any Fundraising Events
through our Friends Of The Project.

Our SLP Creative Arts Collective program is now operational, and hopes to support the raw talent of up and coming artists, musicians, writers and photographers.

This will incorporate published literacy, art and photography exhibitions, and support through the music industry.
In year one, all our categories are now full. This will then evolve to two from each category in year two, three in year three etc …

Our pioneering book How To Live With Monsters is in the process of being co written with Thomas Fox, and will then be taken into primary schools and book shops as a learning tool in creative writing workshops and to raise awareness on mental health, a lasting legacy ripple effect for thousands of children now and in the future.

We have just taken on some really creative inspirational younger generation volunteers too, to implement growth across all social media platforms, and to add a whole new dimension to the project.

We would really like you to be a part of this journey with us, contact me below to see how your input could make a difference …

Project Founder & SLP Photojournalist